September 14, 2015

Camera In Hand

Time and distance.  Not quite a year and five hundred miles.

It's been packed up on my shelf, but I reached for it - thanks to a request for a few pet photos while dogsitting.  I have to admit, it was nice to have camera-in-hand again.

OK, Rya.  You're warmed up in front of the camera.
Let's work those expressions...

The Happy Confident Head Shot

Now give me FIERCE...

Now a relaxed smile...

 Got it.
Let's try the... Yeah, you.  I'm looking at YOU.

Now for the model portfolio...

The "squinch"

It's a take.

While the camera was out, I thought I might as well snap a few of  Rya's owners 
having some fun rec time.

I think it was fun... even while working hard at kayaking.

It was nice of Lea to take a few minutes just before departing (yes, really, I did keep it short!) so I could play with the Northwood's sunlight.

Well, that was fun!
...And it gave me the needed nudge to start carving out time to conclude my clicks&keys adventure by photo journaling last season's sessions.  Final postings to come!

One more of Lea
(Love this one in black and white)

"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven,
every purpose under the sun..."
Ecclesiastes 3


  1. Please don't ever pack it away again! So much beauty goes by when you do! These are simply wonderful.

  2. Hi! So good to hear from you - and thanks for the encouragement. I did enjoy being behind the camera again :>) Hope you're enjoying your adorable grandkids - give them hugs from me!


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