April 18, 2012

"At the Sea-Side"

How crazy is that! So happy!
When I was down beside the sea
A wooden spade they gave to me
To dig the sandy shore.
My holes were empty like a cup.
In every hole the sea came up
Till it could come no more.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

Got back again this week to the Edit Me Challenge
Thank you, Kat, for the photo to edit (not that it needed it)!
Find Kat at Living Like the Kings
(She has a really cool header, btw)

Here's the SOOC:

I had another lesson on remembering to SAVE as you go along.
You really ought to.  It saves your hair from being pulled out from frustration as well.
Did you know that Photoshop CS6 has auto-save?
I think that alone will be worth the upgrade!

I worked on bringing out some of the water detail around the little girl
so the effect would be as though we were right there playing along, getting wet and sandy!

Here goes:
Expanded the canvas for a different view point - to feel the endless seashore.
 (MCP Actions has a great tutorial here)
Adjustments:  levels, curves, brightness (lowering it helped bring out wave detail), contrast, saturation
After stamping those layers:  dodged and burned the highlights/shadows, especially on the water near her.
Used the sponge tool to bring out color in her outfit; dodge tool on her face shadows; burn tool on the bright spots - and a little color brushing, too, sampled from another area on her face.
Used the sponge tool to bring out the reflection of her on the water.
Swapped out the color on her little hair band to purple.
Added a sepia adjustment, masking as necessary.
Added some more back lighting with an omni light rendering.  (Helped with the lighting/shadows on the water)
Add some extra canvas to frame it out.

Brings back memories of  Alabama...


  1. This is incredible! It turned out so beautiful! I agree, the original picture is already so sweet & pretty.......BUT it amazes me what you can add & tweak through editing!
    Love your poem, too, the perfect fit. :)

  2. Your edit is AMAZING! Love the larger canvas and how bright the reflection is...just awesome!!

  3. WOw! your edit is stunning! I especially love the crop, and all the details you brought out. xoxo

  4. The edit is incredible! So beautiful. Great job

  5. Thank you for participating - I really like the way the light hits the baby and the waves and the sand in your edits. So beautiful!

  6. I love how you cropped the image. The processing is fantastic.

  7. Love how you extended the photo! Processing is gorgeous, great light!

  8. That is a ridiculously amazing edit. Love love love it! :)

  9. your rendering and crop are spectacular!

  10. Ohhhh! I love what you did. Fantastic job!

  11. Love how you lengthened the pic! Great job!!

  12. Your edit has a really nice glow to it. Nice lighting. Nice edit.

  13. I like how you extended the photo to the right elongating the babe's shadow - nice effect! The poem is perfect too!

  14. I love your cropping choice and how you darkened the right side. It really draws the eye to the bathing beauty :)

  15. LOVE how you stretched the frame and added a bit of drama! Wonderful edit!!

  16. congratulations on your Edit Me Challenge win - you deserve it!


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