May 28, 2013

Peekaboo! Edit Challenge

Now, this was a surprise!  I found the EditMe Challenge is up and running again.  I appreciated their challenge when I was first practicing my editing.  I learned so much from the participants, and I connected with new bloggie friends.  Glad they are back :o)

It is a busy week... but in honor of reconnecting with EditMe, I set aside a little editing time to submit an edit.
This photo was taken by Stephanie from Gray Mornings Photography.

Here is my edit:

As far as what I did to edit it... yikes!  I kept trying so many ideas:
I first changed out the colors of the quilt background to bring more attention to her face, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. After other attempts, the main changes that you see are from: some smoothing on the skin using a reversed highpass filter; adding a heavy gaussian blur and some painting over the quilt to draw all our attention to that cute little smile, some cropping, a photo filter to tone the color, and a copied layer set to overlay to pop some color.  Then added some canvas for the framing, and a bit of text. That's the main idea... I had so many layers from experimenting :o)

Here is the original:

Let me know what you think!
Glad you're back, EditMe!


  1. I really like this! Especially the pop of pink in her lips in contrast to the creamy neutrals.

  2. Quite a transformation! It's amazing what those layers and filters can do.

  3. Beautiful done!!! This is actually amazing beautiful - to use in a birthday card or new born - Think of it, Karen - your lovely photo you can use for cards as well or posters - another business to think of? and YES!! you are that good at it.

    By the way your email adress is blocking me I think you need to give me access to write to you manually - I am sad each time I wrote you a long letter and then I "just" get it back - if you don't know how to do it please talk with your provider? - anywho I am starting again Sunday 2nd of June - in "Your Own Edit" at If you like to see or follow or........

  4. Wow! Your edit is so pretty and soft! Just gorgeous! I am glad Stephanie is back with Edit Me Challenge. I just happened to check to see what was happening on her blog and there was a post for April! Whew!! The other two edit challenges I do took a brake so I am hoping Edit Me Challenge keeps going :)

  5. Mormor (Norway)
    This should be a poster or at least hun on a wall.
    Delicate editing.
    Best whishes.


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