May 23, 2013

A Merry Heart Family Shoot

"A merry heart
doeth good like a medicine..."
Proverbs 17:22

Aw, man!  Photography can be so much fun - especially when it gets you friend-time with your favorite people.  I have appreciated everyone's patience with me when I "practice" on them.  The sessions usually ends up in giggles or doubled-over laughter (usually at my mistakes). Hugs to you all ♥

Leah is considered family.  She was brave enough to watch my four boys when they were little... and bouncy.. and twinkled with mischief.  It is her badge of honor to have babysat for the Handtke boys.  This feat landed her other jobs ;o)  She is also my music com-padre, and she is more like a sister to me.  

So it's with great joy - and giggles - to present to you her now growing family. Love you guys!

The evening sunlight is so amazing! And so is Mama's love ♥

Remember to expose for the skin again when the lighting is backlit.

Getting a peek at their special quiet, alone time... softly singing and snuggling.

Norah is straight out of a storybook...!

Kevin's gentleness even when his girls are exhausted.

Cool lighting...

Sometimes Mom and Dad need to have Husband and Wife time :o)

Such curiosity and exploration in Norah's little personality!
The cute little dress coupled with the dirt and grass on her fingers make me smile.

Just so sweet.

Super Norah!!!!!.  Zoooooooooom....

So loved.  And so squished.

Ah.  Getting tired.
But I've learned to keep the camera out. Sometimes the best is yet to happen.

Like capturing Leah's beauty that glows inside and out.

Kevin's quiet strength for his family.
(The color version is down below... love them both.)

Norah resting safely is Daddy's arms.

A relaxed, peaceful family snuggle.

And the quintessential couple's photo making the best of their time together...
loving parenthood, but still finding time for a few stolen kisses in-between!

Yep.  My favorite people.


  1. Karen, beautiful as always. The pictures are great and your commentary makes the whole series even more touching and what's a good word, spiritual maybe. Scrolling through the photos and reading your words takes me away for a few minutes. Thanks.

    1. Hey, thanks, friend! I appreciate the encouragement. I'll have to take a walk and see how your garden grows :o)

  2. Karen - You make me amazed by your talents. There is nothing I can say about the way you have done these beautiful photos. You are like me when I did work prof with my photography. A little very little thing you now have to figure out to make the background blurry and the motif sharpen.... ;) I can see the love in your photographs and you make people love your camera as well. They (maybe because you know each other good) seems to relax and enjoy themselves and you. I say thank you so much for showing off!!!!!!

    Hugs Mariane

    1. Thanks, Mariane, for all your helpful critique. I agree the photos need to be sharper in focus. I experimented a bit the other day to work on it, and one problem may be that I slightly move when pressing the shutter. The other "problem" may be that my lenses don't have a very wide aperture, so when it is darker but still need a faster shutter speed, they don't come out tack sharp. My ISO tends to get pretty grainy the higher it goes. My longer zoom lens tends to blur the background better... but only if I capture enough light. So, I think I need to read more about capturing light. I really do thank you for all your help!


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