February 4, 2014

Short and Sweet

First of all,  Leah makes pregnancy so... fashionable.
Me?  When I was pregnant, I looked... like a big old house.

Anyway, Leah and Norah were kind enough to come over so I could practice some indoor lighting. I've got the coolest friends ever who happen to have beautiful hearts.

And since I'm just here journaling some progress/ideas on this indoor-lighting matter, my first surprising observation was noting how directional and how bright sunlight could be indoors - even on a very overcast day.

I had known that the late morning the sun would be directly shining through the window in the "chalkboard wall room".  I had ready some sheer material to place over the window in case the light was too harsh.  Being very overcast outside (which you can tell from Leah's outdoor photo), I didn't observe any harsh light and therefore did not use the sheers; however, perusing the photos later, there were some very brightly lit spots on the skin, almost blown-out highlights. Hmmm. Mental note taken.  Well, not-so-mental now that I have journaled it.

The "music room" has windows facing all four directions, so there is light bouncing all over in there.  I just need to figure out where to place people during different times of the day... there is direct and indirect light - and furniture to work around.  Or I need to make the furniture work around the light, which will be my next photo project attempt.

First up on the post are a few of the music room shots... just because Norah is so adorable.
Note to self:  Next time use a wider angle lens for the pull back shots.

Love her little feet going up on tip-toe!
...and how her little toes peek out in the next photo.
I guess I think her feet are adorable.

A lovely mom-moment...

Now back upstairs for the chalkboard room...
Norah looks so bored, and we have only just begun! lol!
Let's just call it her "dreamy" look instead. 

Don't you love it when Mom plays with your hair?
*sigh.  feels soooooo good.

Ok, can't decide which I prefer - the full frame of the next photo...

or the close up?

♫   ♪       ♪   Now for a dance from the sweetest fairy princess   ♪    ♫      ♪

 Notes about dark rooms and quick little feet and fluttering wings...
1. Have the widest aperture
2. Have a higher ISO, to allow for
3. The highest shutter speed
4. Get fairies to spin TOWARDS the window.

My camera does NOT like using an ISO over 800; lower light situations like this get lots of "noise". But if I didn't crank up the ISO, the shutter speed would be too slow for busy fairies.

If I could just sloooooow down the fairy a bit...

The fairy amidst a puddle of color, ribbons, and wings!

Now for some special fairy dust to capture the fairy at rest...

It was quite the treat for me to have a play date with a fairy princess!
Now I'm waiting for the arrival of a baby playmate :>)

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