November 25, 2012

Stuffing in Thanksgiving

I love everything autumn.  I love celebrating Thanksgiving.  I love my family.
The question is:  How do you stuff your oversized family into your home for Thanksgiving?

Want to come inside and take a look?

First, assess how to turn this room into a dining area for 46 1/2 people.
On second thought, be sure to add a couple extra seatings for overflow to welcome others who may come.
Lol!  The camera needs a wider angled lens; there's a piano to the right, a large chest to the left, 
and a desk behind the chairs you see in the foreground.

This next photo is for me...
a close up of the mantel, so next year I can remember what I did  :>)

Grandpa Cronin had served as the president of Chicago's Hotel Owner's Association.
I heard stories of parties in the suites; the furniture would be removed and 
stuffed in other places (like the bathtub) to make room for the tables.
So, putting that slick piece of information to use...
Oversized chairs were moved to the garage, placed on sheets.
Desk was re-purposed in the main dining room to hold beverages.
Side table was also tucked into the dining room, re-purposed as temporary dessert table.
Couches were tucked against window walls, with the end tables next to them.
(Next year... the couches are getting the boot as well.)

Add in dining tables and chairs....

I've always thought about running a tea house or Bed-and-Breakfast...
but having one just once in a while is quite fun!

Some outside harvest details to welcome guests...
(So thankful to friends who provided the cornstalks :>)
By the way, yes, it really was that foggy when I took the photo.

Set out the five pieces of corn per plate,
in remembrance of the Pilgrim's first winter's rations...

Now, just add family!
Roger reads from Psalm 100...

Mom is so happy and grateful that her family can gather together on Thanksgiving.
Double bonus... it's her birthday, too!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
We love you, too ♥

This pile of people is all because of Mom Re!
Pretty cool.
Although you can't see him, Bruce is sharing George Washington's proclamation 
for a Day of Thanksgiving.  Then he prays a blessing...
and cracks up a room full of people :>)

Let the FEASTING begin!
Everyone pitches in, bringing hot foods in crockpots.
There would never be enough oven/stove room, and crockpots keep it all hot until ready to feast.

Two 22 pound-ish turkeys
Two hams
20 pounds Mashed potatoes
Stuffing - 3 varieties in huge piles
Green beans and bacon - lots and lots
Snicker Salad - mountains
Carrots and brown sugar - big pot
Corn Sesame Saute - crockpot full
Sweet Potato Casserole - four
Tomato-Cucumber Salad - ginormous
Rolls and Honey Butter
Deviled Eggs - 40 eggs
Cranberry sauce - some prepared by the newest chef, Colton

Some say the best was yet to come.
The Dessert Table.
I didn't manage to get a photo of it.  Wish I did.
It has been bragged about all year.
Boy, can this family bake!

After dinner when we can start waddling again,
tables and chairs are put away,
and the couches and stuffed chairs reappear.
The dishes are wonderfully washed and put away.
With so many willing hands it's done rather quickly.

Fellowshipping is sweet,
Red Ball is fast and furious,
Capture the Flag was rained out,
and there were little kids running everywhere :>)
Gotta love it ♥

God is great.
God is good.
His mercies are plentiful and amazing.
He lavishes His love on us.
We are forgiven and free, and so loved by Him.
So grateful He refreshes us daily.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good,
and His love endures forever.

I'm ending this with the few last remaining glimpses of autumn's color...

It was a good time of thanksgiving!

(plaque by front door)


  1. Lovely post! That room before is something out of a magazine! Amazing how you transformed it (beautifully!) Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  2. Karen--Loved everything about your post! Your house is beautiful!! Fun to see all your family!! AMAZING:):)

  3. That is so family oriented and manifestation of what a christian hospitality could be. Love to see that whole event how you organized. Promi and me are convinced that you are truly Christ centered family. May the Lord bless and keep you. Love you all.

  4. You are impressive as always Karen! That was quite a transformation and you always include all the thoughtful details like the 5 pieces of corn. That is what I try to do (on a much smaller scale!)and well you know what happens. (the headache).
    Congratulations on a wonderful scene and gathering! and good luck next year.

  5. Oh Karen I envy you but from a good heart.. It is so great to see all your family together - wow... Here I had my raybread with cheese and have forgotten what day it was so no Thanksgiving party here.. That doesn't mean I am not grateful. I am because I have a lot of "friends" from the internet to talk with when I am not able to get out of the house. And grateful that I live and have so many small things to Thank for all life contains - Thank you Karen *hug*

  6. Just beautiful! What an amazing transformation ~ everything looks like a beautiful restaurant (or bed & breakfast :0)...especially with the piano in the corner. :)
    A wonderful Thanksgiving Family celebration ~ a blessing to be thankful for, indeed!
    I so enjoyed seeing all of your fall decorating, too...cozy & lovely!
    Awesome foggy cornstalk photo. :)
    Have a joy-filled day!


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