January 28, 2014


Best way to get to know your camera is to practice!

I was on a mission to figure out what type of metering to use in different lighting situations: evaluative or spot metering.  The short answer for me is I prefer spot metering in most situations.

The challenge is to get out there and shoot.  I have practiced on occasion with a stuffed animal or two, but when you get unsuspecting people to venture your way... well, you get live subjects!

It starts with an innocent conversation starter. "Do you remember planting your apple cores out in the field when you were little? You do?  Well, I just came across a little tree bearing apples this year in the meadow!  Let's go see it!  ...Oh, just a minute, let me grab my camera; I have some photography homework to do while I'm out there."

And while you're sampling the apples and chatting away, 
nonchalantly notice the sun's direction on their faces, surreptitiously raise your camera, 
set your metering, and click! in the middle of your conversations :>)
They will never notice lol!

(Candid shots can capture such beauty.)

 And when they do start noticing...
well, take what you can get and enjoy the fun :>)

And since they're on to you,
just speak up and say things like, "Wait!  Don't move... I want to catch that backlight!"

And other times, you just see the right moment as they pass through the light, and click!

Then, if they are patient, you can ask them to just stand there as you walk around them, assessing the play of light all around them... what works and what doesn't.
Take lots of pics so later you can go back and analyze what went well.
This also means there will be plenty that didn't go well, but that's ok, you just delete those.

Next thing you know, the photography adventure is such a blast that others beg to join in the fun.  
Enter Rya the dog :>)

Look at her!  She's a natural! Rya just relaxes into a perfect pose.
Others would consider it photo bombing...

 (Bow) Wow!  What a glamour shot!

This is her debut photo op scene. Her "motivation" is promoting the western cow-dog appeal...

Next, Rya rocks the I'm the cute subject in the foreground with the human inference in the background shot.

When time is up, tell them how grateful you are for their help,
and be sure to take a nice snap of them when you're done :>)
Come back anytime, you hear?

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