February 28, 2014

Wouldn't It Be Nice!

It was the Boat Show.  I forgot about summer until the Boat Show!  The scent of suntan lotion... remember that?  Your body warming up under the sun's cozy blanket?  The wind playing at your hair?  Sand between your toes?  Delicious picnic cookies and a crisp, cool drink?

Are you starting to remember?

Add in some beach songs and summer love...
Oh , yeah.  Got this!

Welcome back to summer!

favorite...  ♥

♫  ♪       ♫   Happy times together we've been spending   ♫    ♪       ♪

♪  ♫     ♪   We could be married ~ and then we'll be happy  ♫   ♪      ♪

Summer sunshine is almost done...

Heading back....

So, this isn't our boat.
But there was only a bit of sun coming down, and we had to go where the light lingered.

Eeking out just a little... bit... more... light.

And it quietly goes away....
That was a nice daydream of summer, right?
Hold on to it!

We're coming to visit soon, Summer ♥

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  1. YES! I'm so ready....and they're so cute!


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