August 11, 2013

Styled Picnic-Turned-Engagement Shoot

THE ENGAGEMENT STORY <3 (Written by Kristen)

It was the perfect day for a photo shoot. Well, that's what I thought it was, anyway! A few weeks before James had to go back to school, I had Facebook messaged his (uber talented and awesome) mom and said it would be fun to take a few photos of us before he headed back. She enthusiastically agreed, and we began pinning ideas left and right. A few pins later, we decided on a picnic photo shoot theme! (There will be a lot of exclamation points within this blog post.. bear with me in my giddy excitement which has still not worn off)! So a picnic theme it was. Planning included some of the following: prop collecting, making paths in the woods (thanks James!), mosquito spraying, decorating, color coordinating- all of the good stuff of course. Little did I know that this would be the day we got engaged! God gave us a perfect sunny day. I like to think He was smiling on us because He knew what was going to happen later that evening! :) Here are some of the pictures from the shoot... (more story further below)

Just then, James began to say something...

"I love you," He said.
"I love you too," I replied with a giggle.
"I really love you!" He smiled.
"...I really love you too!" I smiled back.
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He spoke softly..
(Still completely unaware of what was about to happen, I said...)
"Hey, me too!"
"Well, then, let's do it!" He said, reaching for something.

It was a white box. I was completely caught off guard, shocked, surprised etc. (all in a GREAT way of course) :) He opened the box, and it hit me. Was this really happening?!

"Kristen, will you marry me?" He said so lovingly.
"Yes!" I managed to say in the middle of a combination of tears of joy and laughter.

Many more happy tears and laughs followed...

It was so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the person holding it. I was at a loss for words!

He slipped it on my finger...

One of my favorites. Admiring the ring that symbolizes a lifetime of love together!

The "We're engaged!!!" face ;)

There you have it.. A photo shoot gone proposal :)! The perfect day ended with many hugs and laughs with family, and two very joyful individuals! I know I can speak for both of us when I say that we are extremely blessed to have been brought together by the Lord and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together! Thank you for reading the story and enjoying our happiness with us! :)

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Such beautiful pictures and a wonderful story! Congrats! So excited for you all. Enjoy every moment =)
    Laura VanderMeer

  2. oh my word, who knew this would be a tear-jerker??? such a wonderful little plot twist, and the "engagement face" was great too:)

  3. Congratulations to the young couple - wow - to be a mother and be allowed to take part in such situation - I have no words .. Congratulations to the mother as well :D Big hug!!! (still on holidays)


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