June 24, 2013

The Red Dress

It was a fun concept to actualize.  Jessica Drossin is a talented photographer and designer.  I pinned one of her photos... a woman wearing a beautiful red gown. On the day of her photo shoot Jessica wrote on her blog that it had rained, but what awesome affects came from it!  Another inspirational photo I saw on Pinterest popped up from Kristen... it was of a woman wearing a beautiful red gown. And my quick little brain did the math... my idea and Kristen's idea = an imminent photo shoot with Kristen in a red dress, which I just happened to have in my closet from Leah's wedding.  (Hey, Leah, I still remember that special day :o)

I used a texture overlay from Jessica Drossin.  I think one of the photos from Jessica's Red Dress shoot is on her title banner. Anyway, I am gratified with actualizing the concept I envisioned, so I am encouraged to try another.  (Photo friends, beware!)

Let me know your favorite - and if you ever would let me practice on you. lol!

Kristen, you have a heart that is beautiful.  Thanks for playing along with me :o)


  1. the second one is so beautiful!! love the pics and the story behind it- so cute :)

  2. Corinne BeezholdJune 25, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    I had no idea you blogged! I had fun spending a little time this morning paging through your songs and photos and edited pieces. Very creative! The photography is my favorite, and thank goodness you have such wonderful models to use. :)

  3. Photo # 4. That's the one for me.
    All of them are good, but as written, I prefer # 4.
    Have anice day :)


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