June 15, 2013

How I Met Your Father

Confession... I've never watched "How I Met Your Mother".  I really don't even know the premise.  It's a catchy title though!  So I thought I'd tell my own little story.

It's not a Hollywood-type story, but it fits me perfectly for my own little fairy tale with the happily-ever-after ending.

We met thirty years ago... and that makes me smile, because I used to daydream about what life would be like together years after we were married.  And here we are already...

The easy answer is that I met your father at church.

He was newly in love with someone else... and that's what really caught my attention :>)

I mean, he was so excited about the relationship, he was always smiling and eager to talk about his new-found love.

I know I've said this before, but he and I were good friends. We hung out with a bigger group of friends and got to know each other well without the pressure of thinking about dating.  Well, I didn't, anyway. :>)
You remember how it went... he called to ask me out, and I thought that was a perfectly good way to ruin a good friendship.  He was persistent.  Still is! lol!

His new-found love was with the Lord - forgiven, saved, and sooo happy about it. His world was turned upside-down and inside-out, and he found that he rather liked it that way.

How could I not fall in love with a guy who could spend hours talking about our Lord?
Our dates often ended in lots of praying and singing together... *swoon*  I could listen to him sing forever.

Is it selfish to love a guy because he cares so much about my heart and helping me know the Father's love?  And calling me to find if I'm walking with the Lord during my day, or facing problems God's way?  Or encouraging me to not be afraid to reach out in love to others?

Of course, he could be quite exasperating at times with all his probing questions.  Well, actually, it was often just one question...  "Why?"  Why do I think such a way, why do I do such a thing? Yikes, talk about getting to know and search your own heart.  I made a deal with him for the first date...  no asking annoying questions.  You've heard how he just wrote them out instead.  Four pages worth, on both sides, with room to write the answers.

He had a bunch of nieces and nephews that he liked to hang around.  Seriously, he had such a fun time playing with the little kids, making them feel special, and yet he could tow the line when it was time to reign them in a bit.  Gotta love a guy who has a tender and playful heart towards little ones. That kind of guy would make a great dad. Just saying.

Then there was his lighthearted sense of humor.  So cool that a man can have a good laugh, but not at someone else's expense.

And feeling selfish again, I always wondered why he would  like me so much after he really got to know me... with all my offbeat ways of thinking, far-out plans and dreams. For instance, how many guys out there would take time to help a gal out with some photography homework, just as a big game was starting on TV? (I think he looks great in the photos, btw.)

Maybe it's because I can still bake a decent cookie.

As the Lord would have it, in the end we exchanged engraved wedding rings....

The ring I gave your father:  Forever.

The ring your father gave me:
I'll always love you, Sunshine.

Side note:
My mom used to tell me, "You know, if you marry this guy, you'll have a bunch of little Rogers running around."  I certainly do.  And I'm so blessed.

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  1. I am sure you want to have a comment or two here, am I right?? - Well I can say this is a superb article and make me wish at least 2/3 has happened to me. *smiles big* But I am not envy I am in awe of you getting married with your first love and then get a lot of "small Rogers" as your Mother said - I like that :D - the portraits are superb - good light - good angels. I assume you are happy for all - you should be !!!


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