October 6, 2012


 "It's a Good Day" - by FFH
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Little Norah -  stuffed full and overflowing with cuteness...

 and the sweetest little blessing!

Watching Norah scout her backyard with enthusiasm tickles my heart....

...because my memories play there, recalling Norah's mom chasing and cuddling my own little kids :>)

Ready for Norah to make you smile?

Her mommy has always been special to me (and obviously to Maggie, her dog, as well)

Norah already loves life, people, and calculating her possibilities.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine...
Oh, Norah!
Your cheerfulness is infectious!

God loves His little Norah,
making her beautiful with His abundant love growing on the inside...

...and giving her a mommy and a daddy
to love her like crazy on the "outside".

So, say hey, it's a good day!

Norah, you and your mommy have given me enough smiles to last a long while. 
Next time we'll sneak Daddy in photos, too. ;)

*added note:
This last photo was entered and featured at mcp Project photo challenge - so encouraged and so excited!

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  1. Oh, what a cutie :) Such sweet curls & pretty brown eyes! Love that last photo of Mama & Girlie wrapped in the blanket. I agree, that little smile is contagious!

  2. Karen, your photos of Norah are wonderful. You've captured so many of her adorable expressions. She's our first grandbaby, and we love her to pieces. Thank you for contributing so much to our keepsake photos of her!

  3. Karen, WHAT a WONDERFUL series of photo of that little cute... I am so amazed - You are a very good photographer, do you know that??.. I can't say anything but SPLENDID !!! ;)


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