September 14, 2012

Anniversary Beach Photo

Back to photo editing!  

Stephanie, co-host of the Edit Me Challenge, was married about four years ago on this beach.

Back for a visit, she photographed the beach, which is our edit challenge.

This is my edit.

  • A vertical crop, bringing out the human element for a different perspective. Otherwise, I would have left the original photo alone!
  • Duplicated layers with blend modes, overlay and multiply, masking where needed.
  • Curves adjustment to lighten beach and water detail.
  • Dodge, burn, and saturate for sky, water, and silhouette detail.
  • Another curves adjustment for sky.
  • Lens flare for fun.
  • Burnt edges to deepen color on sides and direct eye to sun and people.
  • Scruff up edges with brushes.

This is Stephanie's original photo ~
(I know, it's already a great photo!)

Our fast and full summer provided ample opportunity to snap away with my camera.
The camera knowledge went up a notch, and I'm hooked on a new hobby.
Soccer season has begun; what an incredible difference taking photos with the dslr camera!

School is in full swing, and it's time to challenge the CGT skills again.
More editing, and Illustrator here I come.


  1. Love the bright sky and the edge effect :)

    Btw what app did you used to edit this?

    1. Hi, Nina ~ I use Photoshop CS4. I would love to go that beach right now!

  2. Oh wow! I love, love, love, this edit. Everything from the crop to the colors are perfect. Wonderful job!

  3. I love the direction you went with this, and I love how your brightened it up! Great job!

  4. Love your edit! Looks like it could have been a totally different shot!

  5. Splendid editing. You made the picture a bit better while open up the sky as you did and took a "closer" look so I could see the people. Thanks for visiting my blog "Edit your Photo" and again.. so great to see you around!!

    my contribution

  6. SOOOO beautiful! :)
    It surely is an amazing EDIT!
    Flip Flop Challenge is BACK ... i wanted you to know! :)


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