September 6, 2012

Guy Stuff

It's been fun photo-shooting with the girls, but it's about time to practice on the guys.


  • Getting the guys to help.
  • Agreeing to only a few minutes at a time.
  • Finding the guys something to "do".

So, with much appreciation, here are a few practice shots taken with Ryan.  You're a boss!

Ah! A guy and his car.  That works.
Now back to brainstorming for more ideas...


  1. GREAT pics! and white is so classic, perfect for a guy and his car. :)
    I think my favorite is the middle the blur around the edges and the angle of the photo.
    Happy Friday!

  2. These are really amazing photos!! I love are inspiring! I am so grateful you stopped by my place! It helped me remember to stop by yours. Life can just get away and we forget to visit our neighbors. :) And I agree with Collette....the middle is my favorite!


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