August 30, 2012

Sunday in the Park

Summery Sunday afternoon at the park... warm sun, imminent storm clouds building, and a rousing wind stirring up the air - challenging a few butterflies in their flight, blowing them in front of my camera. lol!

One day I hope to have my mind's photographer mode set to automatic...
so I remember to always, always check my camera presets before shooting.

Welp, most of the photos' tone, white balance, color are rather off - thanks to previously playing with my camera settings.  Now, if we were indoors in a not-so-sunny room, this would have been terrific!

The only pat-on-the-back for the day was realizing we were at the park at noon (I know, that's definitely NOT the best photo time), but with cloud cover and/or shade we could still get some snaps in.  You know though,  even with cloud cover eyes can still get pretty squinty and skin can get those white hot spots.  Now I know that, too.  See, I'm learning!

I probably wouldn't have posted most of these photos, except that this is my journaling of my progress.  Now when I look back, I can laugh! (or groan).

Ryan and Lindsey were such dears, and I enjoyed watching them have fun together.  I cleaned up some of the photos - well, to a point.  We just need to go back to the park and have another photo op. I know Lindsey would be game :>)

I call this one bench snobbery.
This is so Ryan.  

This is so Lindsey.

Learning sign language long ago came in handy...
The sign:  tickle!

I left the color cast in the photo.
It fit the mood :>)

~ ♥ ~

Most of the train photos were a bust.
This exposure isn't great, but the photo is cute.

Bet you've seen this circulated on facebook.
They are too funny!

There is a storyboard to go with this...
Unfortunately, after this story shot, I changed the shooting perspective and the photos don't coordinate.
After stopping the train, Ryan goes to Lindsey and then picks her up for the final rescue.

It really was rather overcast, yet the sun illuminated through the clouds enough to make them squint.
I propose a camera tool that as it corrects the brightness in a photo, the eyes widen from their squint.
Invent that and make a fortune :>)

p.s.  Got Ryan to tuck in the shirt.  Much better.
p.s.s.  Next time WEAR SOCKS with black pants and shoes so there is no need to photoshop the glaring naked ankles.  
just saying.

This sums up their relationship.

I've blogged about twirls -

Love the quiet strength of Ryan;
 the contentment of Lindsey.

And at the end of the day,
it's good to hear your heart say,
"I enjoy you and me."

Thanks for joining in my journaling.
Thanks to Ryan and Lindsey for helping out!
Btw, have you had the chance to read the blog interview with my mom,"Reading Your Bible"?
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  1. I love them alllllll! Maybe especially the perfect touches on the last photo, and everything about the tickling one.
    You guys are so cute. Love Lindsey's outfit (great shoes!). Ryan, I'd love yours, but you lose points for the sock thing. Sorry. :)

  2. I say!!! --- Such a superb and lovely series of photos - I seen no wrong with settings nowhere - and I love the way you made the "film" the woman's hero stopped the train and saved her ... thihi.. Such a great day - Splendid!!

  3. Ah. This is So cute & fun to read.

  4. So sweet! Such a cute couple, too :)
    LOVE the train pic, LOL!


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