October 19, 2012

Autumn Composite

Autumn is my favorite.  I love the changing of all seasons, but the colors and crispness of Autumn steal my heart.  Add in cozy sweaters, baking apple pies, simmering soups, and luminescent leaf coloring... and I'm on sensory overload.

With squeezed in time, I edited an autumn photo submitted by Julie.  

Here's a short bio about her: 
I am a stay at home mama with 4 children.  I started photo editing on a limited basis after my first child was born.  I worked on scrap booking projects and similar things for a few years.  When my Mom died in 2008, I started pursuing this hobby more seriously.  It became a sort of outlet for me.  I have continued to learn and grow, since then, in both photography and editing. 

And here's my fun I had on the edit:

  • I made a mirrored copy of the original image, cloning and patching tree trunks, seams and uber-obvious mirrored shapes.
  • Next, copied layer and set to overlay.
  • Imported a photo of Lindsey (someone should be enjoying this autumn vignette!), inserting her by masking around her, adjusting coloring to match.
  • Stamped layers, blended photo with more cloning.
  • Burned in some shadowing around Lindsey.
  • Added a warming filter, then a curves adjustment, and burned edges.
  • Resized and sharpened for web.
Go play in the leaves!


  1. This edit is so fun! Very creative and so awesome that you thought outside the box! Love it! Thanks so much for editing my photo!

  2. You are the clever one, wonderful edit. Cheers

  3. THIS, Karen, is something!!! .. Love what you have done to this lovely photo. You made it into yours only :) .. remember EDIT your PHOTO ?? .. I think my server problems are over now ...

  4. Since the loss of edit me, Just wanted all you edit lovers to know my edit challenge (hosted mondays and thursdays weekly) has now moved to its new home, http://flipflop-photochallenges.blogspot.com. Hope you may join us sometimes! <3 ~Amy


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