July 25, 2012

Northwoods Vacation - Wild Cat

A Northwoods Vacation - at Wild Cat Lodge.
It's a tradition.
It's a blast.
And I love it!
Yep, this is my crazy family... (minus one kid and brother-in-law ...*sniff.)

Well, a few are missing from the photo below, too,  but as you can see, it's quite a party! 

I've posted a "few" of my favorite photos from the week of my favorite people.  (Yes, I made sure everyone was accounted for, so no harassing me :>)  AND,  they are in no particular order, so no - my favorite people are not ranked either.  I love you all.

I'm trying out different editing techniques... let me know your favorites in the comment section at the end!
(You can enter into the comment section as "anonymous" without joining google. Then if you're brave, leave your name after your comment ☺ ...or not.)

Meet Rose! (her bloggy name!)

There was a certain love-hate relationship with the fishies.

Gotta love them when you hook them...

Gotta hate it when they "just mess with ya" and steal your bait!

This is Rose's youngest brother, Peanut, just learning to use his swim kick.

Great to add Nate to the family vacation this year! Last season, Lynette passed up the Northwoods to save vacation time for her upcoming honeymoon. The cousins were NOT o.k. with that. It was much better this year having them here :>)            

"General" (also his blogger name) was, well, demoted to cabin boy on the fishing boat.  My husband and captain of the ship "Knot On Call", a  Bayliner left behind at the home lake, took leading command of the rented fishing boat.
I must say, General was rather jolly about his ranking of cabin boy.  I, as First Mate, particularly appreciated his PBA (Personal Bait Assistant) and PFA (Personal Fish Attendant) abilities.

Vacations and good books just go together.

Reading on board a boat is that much better.

By the way, meet my dad!

Fun - we can see what Bev sees!


The wild life (not including my family) is a highlight in the Northwoods.  This pair of eagles resides at Wild Cat Lake.

I'll be posting separately about that soon.  But for now, I had to sneak in one eagle photo.

So majestic.

Know what I'm liking about these photos?  Everyone has relaxed expressions on their faces :>)
Here's Collette enjoying a mom-moment, watching the kids have fun at the beach.

More mom-moments... 

 mamarazzi! - I love that term!

I never attempted photographing tennis.  Lots of soccer, basketball, track, volleyball, etc.
Let's just say, there wasn't much opportunity for capturing an awesome tennis shot during the match.
So, I settled for this:

Aw, man!   Cooper crazy-loves playing fetch. Cooper would be the dog.  Just thought I should clarify.

Bill's classic, sporty boat - the Maxum.  Right out of a boat ad.  He makes that boat look classy.
I know, right?

Mom looking great, chilling on the lake...

Time for a giggle!  They crack me up!


Boy and "his" dog at sundown.
And a rock.
A most satisfying past time.


Christie is fashionably sporting Northwoods apparel.
With much kindness, she let me have some photography fun...
soon appearing in my next blog post. 

You rock, Christie.

Best of the beachwear scene...
You guys make me smile.
Love the color pop in this one.

When the sun goes down,
the games come out.
Several Catan games can be going at once.

Happiness  ☺

The Captain.
(Still admiring those broad shoulders ;)

Vacation isn't complete until playing a rousing round of Xtreme Spoons on the beach.

Come back soon for Christie's Northwoods fashion blog entry,
and a look at some wildlife from Up North.


  1. Man, looking through these pictures really made me wish I wasn't sitting in an office right now! Let's go back!!!

    I'm going to address these pictures in order, since my original thought of commenting on "just my favorites" turned into just about all of them anyways. Hope you don't mind!

    Love the font for Northwoods on picture 1! It fits perfectly.
    Love the effect that the patchy sun has on the photo--to me it makes the photo feel just the right amount of chaotic fun :)
    Love that Rose's face matches the quote she was saying all week long!
    Peanut's too adorable. Perfect ratio of Peanut to water!
    You are correct-- it was NOT okay! Glad they could paddleboat with us for a few days this time!
    Hate the worm subject matter, but the added graphic is pretty cute!
    Grandpa looks so calm, composed, collected!
    Whoa! I'm super excited to see more eagle photos!
    She looks so lovely! I love the tone.
    Mamarazzi. Perfect.
    Whoa! That's quite an awesome action shot! I wouldn't quite call that "settling" :)
    That is an excited dog. Again, love the tone!
    Classy it is!
    The orange is such a great color with the woods going on behind.
    Those kids cracked me up so much there! So adorable (and I bet they know it).
    I want to eat that marshmallow.
    Aww, those two are perfect rock-obsessed friends for each other.
    The added effects are perfect! Love the fish kisses.
    Hey that's me! I love how perfectly the bracelet is positioned for this shot!
    hehe, love the color coordination. :)
    Awesome view!
    THIS IS MY FAVORITE. I love love love the colors! And expressions! I'm sure Susan will agree-- totally awesome.
    I hope that Captain goes with the shirt's suggestion and keeps using rapalas.
    Extreme look for Extreme Spoons. Love it.

    Love them all! And I can't wait to see the rest of them. Sorry for the super long comment :)

    1. That was fun, Christie! Thanks for the run down :>) Can't wait to show you the fashion photos - should be getting those up real soon.

  2. It looks beautiful and relaxing there! What fun.

  3. I'm envious of your family vacation! It looked like so much fun. My extended family lives hundreds of miles away and we don't get to see them very often. After seeing all your photos, I'm thinking maybe a Thanksgiving group vacation at the beach :) I loved how you made the photo with jumping Cooper look old and polaroid-ish. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Guess What? i gave you a Liebster Awards.

  5. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! All of you pictures are crystal clear and beautiful!

  6. Oh, I just loved reading Christie's comments!! So J & J are here with me & we're going to make a little commentary, too - for fun!

    THAT was a big caravan! (Love your font, too :)
    "Ryan was an awesome-marshmallow-roaster!" (from Jen :)
    Ahhh...the face we all know & love :) (from her Mom)
    Cute Fishy!!
    Awesome reflection off of Nate's glasses (and the sparkly water!)
    Cute layout! Nice worm-slicing :)
    AWEsome pic of Dad - I love this one!
    Pretty pic of Aunt Bev! Love the reflection here, too!
    That was a fun Eagle boat ride!
    Love how you edited the colors
    Oh my, is THAT what I look like in my beachwear!!?? :0) lol
    Wow, James can jump really high! (from Jen) And, I'm still amazed at how much that guy can eat! :) (from Collette)
    Awwww...Cooper! (And Justin :) Love your edit!
    Some serious stinky bait fishing!
    Beautiful photo of Grandma - I agree, the colors are perfect!
    Cute candids of LM & P...they were having so much fun that night!
    That pic is making us hungry for smores :)
    Awwwww. ...Jack!
    Josh wants to comment on this one: Gross! lol...Mom says, awesome edit & cute shot :)
    Very stylish!
    A very cute couple, indeed!
    Christie is officially the Queen of Catan!!
    Love how you did the colors in this one, too!
    Some serious live-bait fishing going on, here! hee hee
    TOO cool - perfectly captured!!

    This was so much fun! Thanks for sharing your pics :)
    Hope you all have a lovely week!
    ♥ Collette, General & Rose


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