June 27, 2012

A Splash of Jonah

Look at Jonah... boy, oh boy, he is growing :>)

Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming is co-host of the Edit Me Challenge, and this is her little guy, Jonah!

It's a fun, splashy, summery photo to edit.

Enjoy the summer... we're officially half way back to Christmas :>)

Loving all the sparkling water droplets, especially on Jonah's cute face!  
For the edit, I wanted to bring out the sparkles and to be sure that his eyes were the focal point.  
Here it is:

What is in the edit (using Photoshop CS4):

  • Cloned out areas next to arm, neck, and above head.  Used patch tool to soften transitions.
  • Cloned more sparkling water droplets over left side of photo, using patch tool to blend.
  • Curves adjustment, to lighten and brighten.
  • Second curves adjustment, inverted, and brushed on face - to lighten shadows
  • Levels adjustment, to increase the darks which popped the color
  • Increased contrast, slightly lowered vibrance, increased saturation
  • Used color balance to mask out skin redness
  • To bring out eyes, used dodge tool, saturation tool, selective sharpening, and hue /brightness adjustment.
  • To highlight droplets, used the dodge tool. Also used burn tool to the left of Jonah to bring out shadows
  • Another curves adjustment
  • Sized and sharpened for web


  1. Sigh....such a cute baby! :0)
    Love how you brought out the water-droplets & the misty light/colors in this photo...it sparkles!
    8 1/2 days & counting.... :0)
    Have a beautiful Thursday!

  2. Love your edit - great idea on cloning the water sparkles onto the rest of the photo!

  3. You did a great job with the edit! I love how you enhanced the water. and he is growing. Like WAY too fast! =)

  4. I was going to try and comment earlier, but my kids were jumping on me which is a sign that it's time to get off the computer! LOL I didn't even recognize your blog!!! Love, love, love the new desing. And what a great edit, as usual. Love how you brought out the water.

  5. A great edit to bring out the water on the face.

  6. Love that he has a shower of water droplets behind him! What a lovely edit!!

  7. Wow, you really brought this photo to life! Thanks for visiting. :)


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