September 17, 2015

Cheerfulness - A Continual Feast

- Continuing to blog past sessions to complete my photojournal -

Here comes the fun!
And I say, it's all right!



       OH BOY.


THE cutest pile of boys ever.

Boys. Sunset. Races. Games. Watermelon. Giggles.
All converge at the VanderMolen Farm.

My kind of fun!

Giggles commenced :>)

I tried corralling the boys as they ran by...
but I see that I missed one.  Errrg.
But, oh, those faces! 

We live in the land of the free and the brave.
Proud American Boys.

Off to more fun together...

What happens when there's a quick moment alone?

Sneak around the silo to see...

Never alone :>)

It is true that
merry hearts do us well like medicine.
This evening consumed a healthy, happy dose of "merry".

 I got caught announcing a false start...
Can't outsmart these guys!

Showing some tough boy attitude...

Who wants first dibs on watermelon??!!!

Watermelon and summer evenings are a perfectly, sticky pairing.
And delicious.

I just may have sent the guys home a tad bit dirtier than when they arrived.
But, hey!
Ground-in dirt is like a trophy... 
a badge of honor showing what fun was had. 
Hope it all came out in the laundry!


There was such friendliness and cheerfulness as they played during their evening out.
Families like this have a continual feast of joy.
I love the beautiful sunset crowning their contentment with each other!

Now meet the players, in no particular order...
Snoopy, Mississippi, Dude, and Prairie.
Their names were changed not to protect the innocent...
but because SOMEBODY couldn't get their names straight.

I truly was blessed by your family's giggles and fun.
May God continue to add to your joys!

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