April 1, 2013

Total Guy Fun. And Loving It.

This was a blast.

My photo homework for last week was to capture motion and freeze it.  Not only did I freeze motion, but I froze myself multiple times.  The wind was icy cold!  It was so worth it for all the fun we had.

Just for pure joy, I'm posting a bunch of the outtakes.
Trees, guys, climbing. exploring, running, leaping, laughing... bet you'll be smiling as you scroll through.

Here you go...

The tree ramp going up...

Please tell me you're smiling at least a little bit by now!
I'm still laughing over this  ♥

What a difference a day - and some sunshine - can make!
Still was pretty nippy outside, though.
Oh, and add another guy :>)

Better yet, add another guy!

This would be up and over!

This would be...  hurtful.

Incoming... up and over.

Their form of leap frog, I guess.

He cleared... then crash rolled.


Yep, he's texting there.  Oblivious.




One of my favorites.

Ok, check out Desi"s (the dog) expression in this double photo.
She seems to be the only one aware of what's happening...

And her reaction to those human ding-dongs...  :>)
Go get them, Desi!
Give them a fright. lol!

She's still after them.

It was a blast with the guys.  

One last hurrah.

Thanks, guys.  You're the greatest!

Here's one of Justin from that day.
You make me smile, son.


  1. hahaha i loved all of these, they definitely made me laugh :) didn't know you did photography or took such great pictures, very well done!

  2. Jeez! I had tears rolling down my cheeks, especially at the hearts! Those were great! Mike texting and falling, thanks for capturing his true essence. ;) In one, Justin looks like he's taking off in flight because he's looking up. Hilarious. What characters we have!

  3. These are great! You were able to freeze motion so well! The pictures are so crisp and clear and fun


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