April 9, 2013

The Sigh for Spring

A wistful Sigh fluttered and flew beside the forgotten fragile winter leaves.
Floating along the whirling breezes, the Sigh took wing and lonely lofted to where only fairies knew.

There it was caught, gently gathered and caressed, giving it comfort.
The earnest fairy ears listened: Spring labored in its coming. 
Its trouble was considered; then a clever plan was conceived.

In turn, the fairy took to flight; she fluttered and flew, winging her way down to the brown, brown woods.

With skill and with love, her thoughts blossomed and bloomed...

..relishing the enjoyment of assisting the forlorn flora.

Then ever determined was she that color should be gardened to attain a feast for the wearisome.

Surely the wistful Sigh will be overcome by this perfume of happiness! ~ she mused.

Stoutly acknowledging that much drab there may be, 
the fairy worked a cheerful glow, hosting a most delightful display of hues.

Then she sang a call to her winged friends, 
to flit color in motion and stir up the Spring breezes.

And if the Spring breezes stir gently, reasoned she, 
then surely the feathered Melodies will conduct their way home.

(For as all beating hearts know...
whether east or west, home is best.)

Therefore, blowing their feed tumbling into the wind, she bid the birds their welcome.

Likewise, the honey bees buzzed homeward, beckoned by her generous enticements of nectar.

And while awaiting their return, the kind fairy tarried and fussed over the ground's' growth.

Ho, wait!
Fairies are never to be spied upon...
never to be seen!

Swiftly leaving behind her lively art
that painted the dreary brown, brown loam,
 this fairy that had been peeked-upon
must fly away home.

So, too, the Sigh returned in flight; it fluttered and it flew.
The Sigh, no longer wistful , drifted and lazily lingered
among the aromatic pleasantries of Spring.

And as it went,
the frosty air melted, saving its chilly crystals for its own season;
leaving behind in its place a shimmer of Spring
and the lovely heart that colored my world.

The Sigh for Spring that escaped my lips will always treasure the adventure
of meeting the sweet one
that flew to my rescue.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

                                                                     Time to fly away home!

Dear Gabbi, Bonnie, Kristen,
 and  to All my family and friends ~

I can't thank you enough for brightening my day and my woods! Spring has been a long time coming this year.  You were so patient with my fumbles as I struggled to get the ideas out of my head and into reality.  
It was fun to see the project finish, but it was harder than I expected to consistently edit the photo styling... I was just getting the hang of it when I finished. lol!  But I'm glad the attempt was made, and I'm encouraged enough by its outcome that someday I'd like to try another.
Did I  mention I had fun?  Gabbi, you were absolutely terrific!

Now, this little story you've read means so much to me:

To all of you whom God has sent through the years to lighten my load and attend to my needs, I am so grateful that your eyes and ears were so lovingly attentive and answered God's call to be used by Him.

So grateful to you all ~
Happy Spring!


  1. Oh Karen! I never knew you were so poetic. These girls are bringing out your girlie side in abundance! The pictures and the poem are just beautiful!

  2. Unbelievably pretty - girls, pictures, and poem!


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