April 23, 2013


Since I'm journaling about learning photography (among other fun things), I will have to keep it real...
I was working on a homework project and was excited and grateful to have these smiling sisters come and help me. I took a few test shots in the beginning to check the exposure, and it was fine.
Then I saw the sun playing through the trees and thought I'd try to catch sun flare. To do so, I made the aperture much smaller. After trying it a few times, I went back to the fun at hand and started shooting away.
I forgot to put my aperture back wide open for the homework.
No wonder I puzzled over having to majorly adjust the ISO and shutter speed later.  I was being attentive to other details (and having fun with those) and just *assumed* my aperture was wide open, as I have been leaving it there.  Yep.  Never assume.

Oh, well.
The girls are so cheerful and photogenic; I decided to try saving most of these photos with adjustments made in photoshop or left them as-is as snapshot-type photos. You will see in the first photo (my test shot) that the background is nicely blurred to pop out the subject.  After that, well... nope. Not so much.

There are a few photos that I played with some lighting effects since I had to correct some exposures anyway.  So enjoy the cuteness of the girls, and we'll try again another day on the compositions and settings that I was really trying to obtain.


Twins :o)

Sunny and lighthearted ♥

This one... just turned out.

Her carefree beauty...

Vidal Sassoon ad, anyone?
Sign her up!

Fun-loving siblings... makes me smile :o)

So, it really was quite chilly - a brisk wind that afternoon.
Gotta keep them warm!
(Love the bigness of the woods, and the coziness of the two)

gotta keep them fed, bribed, and happy
so they will keep playing with me.

Then, I can capture a shot of them like this.
It just makes me so happy.

And then there's this:

Her expression just reaches down inside you.
It reminds me of Proverbs 20:5...
A person's thoughts are like water in a deep well;
but one with insight draws them out.

I decided to edit this like artwork to highlight the expression and the thought from Proverbs:

They are so good at expressing their personalities!
But time is about up...

Such a pleasure working with these young ladies with merry hearts.
Thank you so much!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I think one of the best captures of the photoshoots lately are the ones of the kids greeting their moms when they are done.

Love and enjoyment of their families are plainly evident, and it makes my heart glad to witness it.


  1. Who cares about the aperture, those are adorable! Such pretty, nice girls. I remember when they were born! I realized that when I saw Mom. Time flies.

  2. Like two fairies playing in the wood... and the last one they are leaving - now you have seen something special Karen - I could say a lot ... but I think the feeling of it is just to remain and enjoyable as they are..

    I have tried several time to send you a mail but I have a nasty mr. Maildelievery man (robot) that says the server tell no to my server.. so please download from here?



    This is the only way I can give them to you since my mail comes back. ( and I know it is right the way it is written - your mail address - I send "Reply" to the one you sent me. Hugs
    (to see one of my blogs please click my name?) :)

  3. Hmm you get a 404 page ... click on this one then... grrr technic?



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