April 15, 2013

Helpful Neighbors

Thankful for neighbors today!
So, I had some homework fun... that didn't turn out.
Time was running short for a re-do.
Time was running short to find peeps to practice on.
It was so nice of my neighbor to help me out.
Thanks, Neighbor!
I think I owe you some cookies....

Meet my happy, smiley, photogenic neighbor :o)

Double take!

Fly-away Hair.  lol!
(She has the coolest hair and cutest profile!)
Wait... it IS ok to say "cute" to a girl, right?
My guys get mad at me for that.

Awesome pic


The obligatory fairy kick!

And my favorite...

This week's lesson:
Recomposing,  light modes, reading the light for a starting exposure.
First "guess" was setting the ISO.  500 was the given ISO starting point.
Second, leave the aperture wide open as possible, adjusting only as necessary.
Third, adjust the shutter speed to get a balanced exposure in the light meter. (Adjust to preference.)

If the shutter speed would go too low (usually about 100 for my IS lens),
then the ISO would be pushed higher to obtain a faster shutter speed.
Tried to keep the aperture wider- blurs the background nicely, accentuating the subject, and lets in more light.  But if a deeper focal plain is needed, closed it as necessary.

Then again, when practicing capturing motion,  the shutter speed needs are higher, probably making the ISO higher, too, if the light isn't too bright.

Then there was spot metering to remember.

And recomposing the subject to the side...(use the center focal point to lock in focus, then carefully move the subject to the side in the viewfinder, as if the camera is pushed up against a glass wall - the camera can slide against it left, right, up, down... but NOT closer or further in distance.)

Check for best lighting. Angle. Expression.

Ah, the re-do went much better.
Remembering to put settings back is rather crucial.
Or photos don't turn out as expected.
Lesson. Learned.


  1. Hard choice as to my favorite -either 'fly-away hair' or 'obligatory fairy kick'. It amazes me at how people can actually 'fly' in your mystical, magical woods!

  2. Oh boy.. you already developed skills for this great photos.. I did finish today what I would do if I suppose to show off ... They are in a zip file - are you able to recieve that on email? or do you have a zip program you can open WinRAR with?... please write to me on email?? mariane add cordes dot org dot uk - I really love to follow your blog - if you can put up where I can add my email so I can see your blog immediately? - too many questions?? hehe..


  3. Sorry I found the place you have already hehe.. doh me !!


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