March 12, 2013


Warning: I'm taking time to look back.

Today's post is intended for my own  journaling's sake, and it may bore you to tears.  You just may want to check next blog post! Or you can join me as I ramble a bit.

OR, you can scroll down a little further to join in some fun :>)

A year ago, my husband unknowingly created in me a new way of looking at people, light, the world, emotions, relationships.  He bought me my camera.

I originally thought it would be a sufficient camera to fulfill a need in my computer graphic design quest.  Instead, I was lured into an adventure, pulling me deeper into learning the art of photography.

These are my first photo-taking entries.
And boy, have I learned that it is art!  Definitely, there are the mechanics, too; but using the camera as a paintbrush to artistically stroke a photo's "canvas" to create the moods, scenes, and ideas that swirl around in my mind can be incredibly different from the next photographer.

I've perused so many photoblogs and have seen incredible talent.  While at first it was overwhelming and rather intimidating, I realize now that just as people are wonderfully unique, so will be our photography.  I've also found that there are very strong opinions over "correct" photography styles and editing... only proving again that photography is a skilled art with vast applications.  I can't wait to find out who I am in all this :>)

The EditMe Challenge put me in touch with many talented ladies.  I learned many editing techniques and helpful hints from them, and gained some bloggy friends along the way.

AND, my new blog look came from winning one of their challenges.  That was so exciting and encouraging.

My first editing attempt...   eeeeek!
My favorite part of photography:
People loving the captured moment of themselves in the photo... whether realizing and seeing the special creation as God created them, or seeing themselves using the gifts God gave them.  So cool.

The other fun of my blog is just being random... aka, Rabbit Trails.  I am so glad to have interviewed my mom. If you missed that, click here. I've got some other interviews in mind as well. Now to convince my future interviewees how awesome this will be!

Oh, and the piano music!  So glad I did that, too. I've just got to figure out how to record more music; my original recording device was a random opportunity.


I've looked back through the blog, laughing over a few entries, smiling at a few others... and honestly, doing a bit of cringing!

Here's where you come in:
Leave me a comment below letting me know one of your favorite photos or blog entries from this past year... 
(I'll post a few of my favorites below so you don't need to peruse unless you want to.)
Next week Tuesday, I'll randomly choose one of the comments, 
and I'll edit one of YOUR snapshots for you :>)
You will just send it to me via email... and I'll return the edit to you via your email.
Check back next Tuesday on the blog to see if you have been selected.
  • Now, you know from the seeing my blog, I'm progressing along - yet no way a pro.  It will be fun for me, and maybe helpful to you. 
  • I can "fix" a background, create a fun effect, stylize, snaz up the color, make it vintage, add text, clear up some acne :), etc. on an otherwise fave photo.
  • You don't need to join Blogger/Google/etc. to leave a comment... you can just choose "Anonymous".  But if you do that, be sure to leave me your name in the comment area so I know who you are, in case you're selected!!
  • And, if I don't have email/facebook access to you, let me know how to reach you :>)
Odds of winning:
If you are the only one to leave a comment:  you win!
If no one leaves a comment:  no one wins!
If there is really more than one comment:  I'm pulling a number from a hat.  Maybe a bowl!

Click on photos to enlarge

#1 - a watercolor edit

#2 - photography and edit

#3 - photography and edit.  too funny!

#4 - an edit

#5 - an edit

#6 - an edit

#7 - photography

#8 - photography

#9 - photography and edit

#10 - concept photography

#11 - photography and edit

#12 - photography and edit

#11 - photography and edit

#12 - photography

#13 - photography and edit
#14 - photography

#15 - photography

#16 - photography and rabbit trailing

#17 - photography

#18 - concept photography

#19 - photography

#20 - photography

#21 - photojournalism

#22 - photography

#23 - photography and edit

#24 - photography
#25 - piano music and edit

Sorry about the amount of photos posted here, but it is really for my journaling.  Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me.  Don't forget to leave a comment (..."I like #24" or something like that, and leave your name if you sign in under Anonymous). I'll have fun editing YOUR photo.

Btw, if there is a different photo or a blog post you have liked, you can comment on that as well.

Let the photo adventure continue!


  1. You do such a wonderful job! =) I just love the photos and how you enhance them!

  2. Do I have to pick just one?! I love the bokeh of #14 and 15 and my favorite has to be #21!

  3. 10! 14! 23! All of them! :)


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