February 21, 2013

Quick Cold Clicks

So much for having ideas and new techniques to practice today...  wow, it was cold!  My kid was so kind to meet me at the park after his track practice.  And though I brought hot coffee and brownies for him, my fingers froze immediately in the wind.  This was probably the fastest practice ever, and I gave up after only a few shots...  and I'm sure Justin was thrilled :>)

Viva la cold!  Here are the few snaps with a few new techniques added:

I know, he looks a bit frigid, right?
(Hey, Ryan, your thick cozy sweater worked great...)

Totally loving the shoes.
It was really all about the shoes.

(And your tie rocked with his shoes, Ryan.)

Now Justin is sporting the merp
since Norah made it popular....

Then we ran for our cars, and that was that.  Maybe when Spring returns, I'll finish the fun I had in mind.  Now to hunker down for the predicted snowstorm tonight.   Brrrrr.

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