March 31, 2012

Edit Challenge 13 - Hiking

Hi!  My family had sun time in Alabama this week.  Wonderful warmth!  Just had a little time to do some photo editing... and here it is.  The original photo comes from Pam at Kassie's Beach.  She has some incredible photos posted of animals and, in particular, a posting on the most gorgeous butterflies.  If you have a minute, you should flit on over!

Pam's SOOC...  these kids are cute!

And this is my photo edit:

I think the added gradient border and text need some color blending... but no more time to fuss!  :>)

My favorite parts of the edit...

  • The circular edit.  Kinda different.  Kinda fun.
  • Replaced colors in the boy's shoes to blend in; also adjusted his hat color and replaced the green lettering in the girl's coat.  Unified the photo by taking out distracting colors.
  • Used an omni lens effect, upper left.  Brings a back light effect, directing focus on the kids, and a slight vignette effect on the bottom.
p.s.  I like to visit the participants of Edit Me - I've learned from you all... so talented and creative.  Though I've tried,  I can't leave comments on a few of the sites (different systems?). Just wanted to let you know I still look and learn!


  1. Nice bright edit. Love the lens border. Thanks for the butterfly shout out.


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