January 13, 2012

Snow Day

Finally snow has fallen, making my winter world a sparkly, clean white!  And with it, no school :>)... giving me a chance to get in the crisp air and to play with my camera. Today's blog at the art of being mama  encouraged me to find beautiful photo captures in the wintry outdoors.  (Click on over and take a look!  You'll love her photos and fun family life.)  It was fun crunching through snow, exploring the yard and exploring my camera. The guys were busy building a snow ramp for snowboard practice - quite the production and a lot of good fun. Just couldn't get my fingers to stay warm long enough!
Here's a few photos of the kids:

Mike, a neighbor

Nick, a neighbor...  but keep the secret

I definitely need to work towards spot-on focus!  I think the one of Nick (Oh, wait!  I didn't say that!) finally got the focus right.
Any comment to help is always appreciated!

Love the snow!

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  1. Karen, your photos are incredible!! Awesome shots...& beautiful editing! The boys sure do look serious about their snowboarding, lol! And thank you for the linkup & sweet recommendation :0) That...completely made my day! Enjoy the beautiful snowy weekend!


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