May 22, 2014

Bridal Shower for Lindsey and Ryan


We are so blessed that our son Ryan has a beautiful young woman soon to become his bride.  Friends and family came to shower them with gifts to begin their new home together and to wish them well.  I think we all were encouraged to see a young couple so happy to have each other, ready to live life together with an enduring promise ~ to have and to hold from this day forward.

A great big hug and thanks to Kristen for toting the camera during the shower, capturing all these happy moments we shared together!

So many hands gladly worked together to weave a lovely and welcoming celebration for them.
 Hand scrubs were created and set into cute jars for a thank you to the guests. 
 We shall all have silky hands (and feet) for the wedding :>)

The tables were so pretty... layered with white cloths, burlap, and hot pink and pink stripe runners. Flowers were tucked into glassware, bringing Spring color inside to the bridal shower.

Gift boxes were part of the fun...  the bridesmaids read a poem, which had the ladies passing it to each other according to instructions, with a little laughter among the guests. The last one to hold it received it as the prize.

Oh, the pompoms!  They sure made the atmosphere festive, colorful and fun!  I love these!

More pompoms over the gift table...  

More flowers and pompoms over the buffet table...

Before we take a look at the scrumptious foods set out,  devotional time reminded us how to nurture our marriages - much like gardening - and was a visual encouragement to all of us. 

So let's put on the work gloves, dig in, and work on our marriages, as Ryan and Lindsey begin theirs!
Whether watering, sweetening, communicating, pulling those small or big weeds, 
marriages are precious and worth all the effort, sacrifice and enjoyment.

Mmmmm.  Now let's talk food!
Lindsey's grandmother graciously let us use her beautiful serving dishes to make Lindsey's day that much more special.

Looking at the buffet table, the far left begins with the Baja Chicken Salad 
(marinated and grilled chicken, romaine, black beans, corn, tomato, cucumber, tortilla strips to top it off, ranch dressing or Grandma's special Italian dressing).

The gorgeous soup tureen held the saucy meatballs.

Next up are the skewered Pesto Tortellini
(I'm getting hungry...)

So, these caramel peanut grapes are just like taffy apples...
only easier to eat, and every bite is caramel-y goodness!

Bacon simply had to make an appearance.  Lindsey and Bacon.  
And these were scrumptious!

Chilled strawberry soup is so smooth, creamy, and... strawberry.
Served in a collection of demitasse cups made them perfect for the shower.
You need to see all these beautiful cups ~

That was fun!
Then on to a basket assortment of breads and honey butter...

Vegetables with dip bring us full circle around the table,
back to the Baja Chicken Salad!

Refreshing Raspberry Tea, Sparkling Pink Lemonade Punch, and lemon water were served in large mason jar dispensers and in Grandma's punch bowl.

As the dessert buffet began filling, Kristen kept on snapping photos of all the incredible delectables!
Here are Aunt Collette's lemon truffle pops!

Chocolate or Applesauce Cupcakes...

 Aunt Kristy's Poof Balls adorned in pink and purple frosting just for the shower!

 Add in Mom's Little Lemon Drops and Grandma's Chocolate Crumb Bars,
some pirouettes and chocolates,
Mom's Mini Key Lime Pies, and cheesecake bites ~

 Desserts were oh, so delicious, and enjoyed all during the gift opening.

 How happy and grateful Lindsey and Ryan were being showered with such generous, thoughtful gifts!

Capturing a moment with a few friends...

We are so happy for you, Ryan and Lindsey!   
God  is weaving you perfectly together, and will continue to do so through all circumstances ~ both the exciting times and the difficult days.  A house built on God's promises, love and forgiveness becomes a thriving home.

Now full speed ahead to the wedding... I'm so excited!

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  1. Truly fantastic wedding shower. I am just in love with these gorgeous decorations and these cute decorations. At some local Seattle venues we also would be throwing such a nice shower for one of our friends. I will surely suggest these décor inspirations.


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