January 8, 2013

Keep Practicing and Watch that ISO

Christmas, New Years, decorations, lights, family, celebrations...
Think of all the photography possibilities!

Not for me, anyway.  I tend to enjoy the family time and the celebrating - and inadvertently forget  about the camera.

As a noob, I have figured out I really need to keep practicing.  I have made some strides in understanding, but yikes! There are different aspects to remember... and evidently, these basics are not quite second-nature to me yet.

Then again, that is a lesson learned as well. So, I'm still making progress  :>)

It's after the holidays, and the kids are scattering back to school.  Bummer.  I need willing guinea pigs to photograph.  Kristen, however, was visiting and graciously said she would let me have the requested twenty minutes for photography fun... and smiled at James so he would agree, too.  Ah, I love that smile!

Because I didn't want to take too much time remembering all the settings while working with a dark day - and at sunset, making it progressively darker - I decided to work in priority mode instead of manual.  Rats - wish I hadn't.  I used the shutter priority, hoping to capture them having fun playing in the snow.  Let's just say, most of these didn't turn out.  The automatic ISO was set too high.   Higher ISO's on my camera turn out very grainy.
Oh, well. 

Kristen and James had great expressions, so I cleaned some of the photos up as much as possible to enjoy them anyway.

So, as you can see, these aren't tack sharp.
I need to practice!!
I need people to practice on.... (hinting, here)
If you are ever interested in having a few good laughs (at me)...
 and have a little bit of time (it's cold outside - we can't stay out long; we'd freeze!!), 
let me know :>)


  1. I love these! I don't know the right technical term to describe why I like them ... but hopefully I will soon! I'm looking to get a camera! What type of camera did you say you have?

  2. I have the entry level Canon EOS T2i. I think they are up to the T4i now. My beginning kit lenses are the 18-55 and 55-250 IS. Uncle Roger had a prime 50mm lens from his film camera that fits my camera. Nice! "They" say when you start, it's better to get a basic camera body and then get the best lens you can afford (more clarity). There are places online to get used lenses from those upgrading. When I nail my settings and focus, I can get sharp photos with my entry level camera though. Whatever you decide, the best advice I heard was to get to know your camera that you have before deciding to upgrade... no matter which level/brand camera you choose. And I heard that you can rent cameras, too, to try them out. I bet in Chicago there are places to do that. I hear you can do that online as well. Let me know when you take the plunge - I've been having so much fun. I meant learning photography just enough to improve my computer graphic work; instead, I found a new hobby I love!

    1. Thanks for the advice - I ended up getting the Nikon d3100 with the 18-55 and I love it so far :) Too much fun.. thanks for encouraging me to give it a try!

    2. Woot! A Nikon girl.... love it! I think you're going to really love photography. You can learn so much just by reading your camera manual, and then find a blog or two that help you along - with beginning how-to instruction and photos to peruse. Happy snapping!

  3. Wow, those are really fun pictures! I still am horrible with my camera. I don't know what all the settings mean and I don't want to figure them out. If someone could just tell me "this does this and you need to set it here for this or that" then I could probably do a little better. I may have you take some pictures of a quilt for me soon so that I can have a decent picture of it for my post. You have lots of awards piling up in your sidebar! Very cool! :)

    1. Quilt photos... yes, please! Sounds like fun :>) I don't know how incredibly helpful I'd be with your camera, but I can take a quick look for some easy setting solutions on it.

  4. The colors (and Kristin :) in the first photo are so pretty! I know what you mean about figuring out the settings...there are always so many variables, and it is taking me awhile to get the "feel" for how all the settings react with each other! Your photos always turn out so lovely...I'm enjoying watching as you learn (and gleaning tips,too!). I have several photo subjects who would love to let you practice on them ;) We will have to plan a day!!! ♥Collette

  5. You look pro already in your photos.. you have the real heart for it, dear!!


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