January 30, 2013

Expecting Friends


I haven't had an edit challenge in a while... and I've missed that.  Thanks, Amy, for letting me in on the Flip Flop Edit Challenge.  Here's a photo of her friend, expecting her fourth "gorgeous kid".

Really, people.  She is just beautiful and glows without any editing. Yet, an edit challenge needs editing... so I just made a "clean" edit, showing off her beautiful face and baby bump.  Here you go:

My edit:

Original, Straight Out Of Camera  (SOOC):

  • I added extra canvas to the top and to the right, to give her more head room.
  • Cloned out the tree and chips, and also the car in the background, hoping for less background to bring more attention to her pretty face.
  • Redirected the lighting with an omni render, to bring focus to her face.
  • Used dodge, burn, and sponge tools to bring out details and highlights in her awesome hair, bracelet, waistband, and eyes.  
  • Color and brightness were adjusted with levels and curves.
  • Skin softening with an inverted high pass filter.
  • Slight gaussian blur to background edges, and vignetting.
  • I cropped one more time, just leaving her blouse in all its cuteness.  I actually "added material" to its length with the clone tool to make it work. 
That was fun :>)  And quite easy with such a beautiful mom!


  1. oh this is stunning girl! :D I love the editing on her face! and it just glows! :D

  2. Love it, great job with removing the car! Im not familiar with omni render, is it a tool in photoshop?

    1. It is in photoshop... under filters>render>lighting effects>spotlight>omni.
      I love using it to bring focus with the light, and it also darkens the surrounding areas. It's adjustable in its reach/scope.

  3. Awesome job, love the softness and fabulous cloning work!

  4. Wow, you really bring out the pretty lady! Great edit! I am going to see if the omni render tool is in Gimp.

  5. Super work dear... I do hope you are dropping in my business as well?? "Your Own Edit" at http://www.starone.dk/4b4/ I miss you ... but I guess you are busy?


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