June 14, 2012

Summer Fragrance

My blog makeover creator:  Stephanie (and Jonah)
Hi...  Thanks for dropping in!
For my friends who haven't yet seen my new blog look, I owe its wonderful makeover to Stephanie Clark, co-host of the Edit Me Challenge. This is Stephanie and Jonah...

 If you would ever want her services, I highly recommend her... she's knowledgeable, creative, and easy to chat with over ideas. Stop by her blogGray Mornings Photography or etsy shop to find her!

Jaymi's submitted photo for us to edit
This week at the Edit Me Challenge:

Edit Me Challenge has a great photo by a very adventurous Jaymi at Live, Love, Travel. Here's a bit about her:

Hello, my name is Jaymi and I blog over at Live, Love, Travel. I'm 30 years old, living in Los Angeles and working in the (sometimes) glamorous world of TV. In the meantime, I try to teach myself photography and blog about what I learn. I also host a link up every Tuesday called Tips & Pics for people to share their own tricks so we can all learn from each other! You can follow my blog or on facebook!

My submitted entry :
Hoping to create a bright sunny day, where breezes blow the fragrance of flowers across the fields!

The edit process using Photoshop CS4:

  • With mostly using the patch tool, removed unwanted flora from in front of the young lady. Fussed quite a bit with hair and earring to blend well.
  • Stretched and expanded the canvas to help balance composition.  Used clone tool, patch tool, and selections with copy/paste to blend in grasses
  • Soften skin with healing brush, patch tool, and an inverted high pass filter (set to 60% overlay)
  • Brightened eyes, lips, touch of bracelet
  • Duplicated layer, set to overlay to bring out colors.
  • Adjusted brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation to get achieved look, masking as needed
  • Curves adjustments
  • Selected outside areas with a gaussian blur
  • Added canvas for white and black framing
  • Sharpened and resized for web

Glad you wandered by!


  1. wow, I really like your edit! You did a really nice job with cloning over her hair and with the grass on the edges to change the composition. I also like the touches of gaussian blur--it adds a dreamy affect without it looking super blurry or vintage. Great job editing my photo! Thanks for participating!

  2. Love your crop! So light, soft and airy!

  3. Very nice edit, it really make her jump out, great job at cloning.

  4. Wow you did a fantastic job on the cloning etc.
    I love the elongation of the photo as a whole with the stretching - it really adds something without adding something if that makes sense.

    Really great work :-)

  5. I really like that you lengthened the photo and then matted and framed it. It looks wonderful.

  6. fantastic editing and clever canvas extension!
    great end result!

  7. i really like the framing of the photo! it accentuates and softens the scenery, and i love the light airy feel your processing created : )

  8. Very clean and gorgeous edit! With the gaussian blur for a soft, dreamy effect and the canvas to frame and elongate the image, the result is absolutely beautiful. Great work!

  9. Great edit and I like the framing and cropping. Cheers

  10. Oh, I love this,great job with the patch tool. Love the frame, Great Edit!

  11. I just love seeing your edits - you always do such a beautiful job!! And this one is no exception! Looks like a garden I'd love to sit in for awhile.... :0)

    AND...your new blog design is AWESOME! I love the cheerful colors - and LOVE your new header & graphics. A perfect fit for sure!!


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