May 2, 2012

Australia Edit Challenge

Can't believe it! :>)
A fun part of the Edit Me Challenge are the photos from other parts of the country or world.  It's a mini travelogue!

Our photo is from Kaylene Maalste of Australia.  I love looking through her digital artwork. You can find her here!

"I am retired and live in Berri, Australia with my husband and bossy cat. I have always been interested in creating, in my early days it was playing around with beading, paper maiché, mosaics, quilting and embroidery. I always felt that I needed to focus my creativity into one if not two mediums and I have accomplished this with Art Quilts and photography. My surrounding countryside is full of many different landscapes, in fact sometimes I do not need to even leave my garden."

For this challenge I wanted to strategically arrange the composition ...  
  • level the horizon
  • reverse the photo so the wheel was on the left - with the longer branch leading the eye to swoop left-to-right, up and across the photo
  • take out a few branches to keep the focal point on the wheel
  • lighten the bottom corner to also keep the focal point on the wheel
  • work on bringing out contrast, to highlight wheel and pop it out from the background
  • Bring out the fencing, adding more definition to the composition

Here's how my entry turned out - with an added texture:

And just for fun -
 Here's before the texture, clean and clear - which shows off a water ripple above the wheel.
(Did a fish just jump? Or, Kaylene, did you throw a pebble?)

Basic Idea of Steps:
 Reversed photo
Cloned out unwanted branches/reflections
Used dodge tool a little at a time to lighten bottom of photo
Curves Adjustment and Brightness/Contrast to adjust lightness
Vibrance/Saturation Adjustment
Spent time sponging, dodging, burning the wheel, foreground branches, fencing, and ripple.
Worked on burning tree water reflection
Contrast Adjustment - to lower background contrast (to pop out focal point in foreground)
Burned all shadows for more contrast
Added a texture for artsy fun, masking off foreground as needed
Added a blur to frost top and bottom of photo 

Australia is a far-off wish to visit.  It seems so beautifully rugged... and I love the kangaroo.


  1. Hi Karen, first it was a fish that caused the ripple, you have spent some time is finding the highlights, especially the wheel. It is amazing how the change of direction effects the eye movement. Also taking out the large branch etc has cleaned up the image. Well done I like the tones. Cheers

  2. Love the flip!!! I never would have thought about doing that, but it absolutely improved the flow of the photo! Brilliant!

  3. LOVE your take on the photo.. Your edit is clean and beautiful.. Love the little changes, totally brings out the focal point.. :)) NICE work friend. : )) Wishing you abeautiful start to your weekend..

  4. Beautiful editing . . . very dynamic!

  5. Wow you did a great job cloning away that branch! Flipping the image was a good idea because it creates a new look. Also that texture is so fun! I love the wispy brush stroked look!

  6. I never would have thought to reverse the image. What a cool result.
    Love how the wheel pops!


  7. I love the texture and the way you rearranged the composition. Great Edit!

  8. Very cool edit! Well done!

  9. Wow! I always say "so beautiful" - but really, each one of your edits is truly so lovely and beautiful to see!! Congratulations, too!! :)


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