March 2, 2012

Baby Jonah! - Edit Me Challenge 9

A warm welcome and a big thank you to Stephanie (and baby Jonah), the new co-host at the Edit Me Challenge.  Here's a short bio:

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I am an almost thirty full-time working new mommy with a photography habit…okay addiction. I blog over at Behind the Camera and Dreaming, try to support my addiction with Gray Mornings Photography and enjoy my offline life in Jackson, Mississippi.

This week's challenge photo is her little Jonah.... 

Below is my favorite edit... after trying a few different approaches.
I chose this one because the colors look clear and fresh, and Jonah looks absolutely squeezable.

I'm posting the other attempts... because Jonah is just too cute.

The following picture is posterized; I do like the outlining that brings out some contrast.  This edited photo of Jonah looks almost exactly like my baby doll from my childhood.  The doll even had a pretty light blue cotton outfit - very similar to Jonah's. So this one makes me smile.

Next, after seeing my different edit attempts lined up in a row, I noticed how Jonah was leaning.  
  • I transformed and turned the original to straighten, but then the background horizon was tilted.
  • I copied the original a couple of times; cropping the right half on one, the left half on the other.
  • I put the copped layers under the original. Each half I tilted until the horizon looked... well, horizontal.
  • Then I put a layer mask on the original - the top layer, brushing away the tilted-looking horizon, revealing the straightened horizon from the layers underneath. I nudged to move the horizon layers until it looked about right. 
  • I also cropped out the tree line on the left; then cloned some of the right-side horizon to the left side of Jonah to match.  Brushed in some sky and blended.
  • Then I thought it looked a bit plain, so I had fun again with the frame and embellishments.

And there we have it  - Week Nine of photo editing!


  1. All of your edits are beautiful! I think the last one is my favorite! :)

  2. You are SO talented girl! These are all fabulous, & I'm so glad you showed all your takes on it! I love them all, but I ADORE the 1st one! Happy weekend!

  3. wow! you did such a great job on these! The first one is great! His skin and the color is spot on! But I DO Love the posterized one too! Thanks for sharing all your tips on how to straighten!

  4. Fantastic edits, but I'm totally a sucker for the last one. Those embelishments are adorable and it looks much better straightened out! I tried it, but my horizon got even more crooked. I love how you fixed that!!

  5. a lot of fun edits, i like the one you submitted because it is clear and the colors look so nice!

  6. So much creativity here! I really like the last one. The frame and dragonfly really set off his eyes. :)

  7. These are fantastic. I love them.

  8. i really love the vibrancy of your edits!

  9. SOO creative! I should really start thinking outside of the box on these and cut loose some :) You've inspired me!

  10. Those sweet baby lips! You really brought them out in your edit. Nice.

  11. Love the details you added to the final edit! So fun to get creative!

  12. So sweet! I'm amazed at how beautifully the colors were enhanced through the editing...very pretty! LOVE your graphics on the last edit, too. :)


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