February 2, 2012

Scottish Highlands - Edit Challenge Week 5

This week's Edit Me Challenge comes from the Scottish Highlands (...sigh!)
This is submitted by Linda at Coach House Crafting. You really ought to pop over to her blog and read about her.
These cliffs and the harbor are just beautiful.  Here it is SOOC, and when I first saw it I wondered why even edit it?

After giving it some thought, I decided on two objectives:  bringing out a focal point, and bringing out the rock formation details.

The Thought Process:  
Decided that the harbor would be the starting focal point.

  • Crop to position the harbor strategically, using the meandering cliff and water lines to sweep the eye up and across the photo.
  • Bring out detail and contrast in that area.
  • Soften where the eye leads out to the open waters with a 105mm lens flare
  • Change the boat color to an accent color that will draw the eye to the beginning focal point.

Here's my edit: Honestly, this took three totally different tries before I got it right.  At least it was a gorgeous view that I didn't tire working on. I did have a cancelled postal stamp on it originally; I thought the photo was postcard-like! However, this is the one I decided to enter:

Post Edit Process:
  • Crop.
  • Adjustments:  Curves, Warming Photo Filter, Brightness/Contrast, Vibrance/Saturation
  • Stamped Layer
  • Add: 105mm Lens Flare, Curves adjustment, Cooling Photo filter for water only, Levels adjustments
  • Sharpen
  • Slight vignette, using mcp actions
  • Clone to cover burned out areas; swap out boat color.
  • Add Canvas for frame
  • Final sharpen and resize for web using mcp actions

Put on some Celtic Music!


  1. Oh my gosh, lovin' the lens flare and frame!! Nice work!!

  2. Lens flare, love it! Makes the image so bright and those cliffs are highlighted just nice! The fframe finishes it off perfectly!
    Thank you


  3. I love how you really brightened up those greens!

  4. Such a nice touch the lens flare...love it!

  5. Absolutely love that you changed the color of the boat -- nice touch to a beautiful edit!


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