February 15, 2012

Scottish Castle - Edit Me Challenge 7

I have just got to get to Scotland! This week's photo comes again from Scotland, courtesy of Rosie at Leavesnbloom Photography. You should pop across the pond and see her at her blog. Her title for this photo: "scottish castle on a frosty morning at sunrise with the sheep huddled up around the old stone walls".  I love it! She has a love for capturing God's creation and has great goals for her photography. 

                   "...using light as a paintbrush to remind  us of what we forget"

A few years back my family was considering a trip to the UK to tour and stay in castles (my vote!). Instead, a ski trip in Colorado was decided upon which also was great fun, but one of these days I'm going!

Here's my edit:

I corrected frequently as I edited, so I don't have a concise blueprint; however, here are the basic steps I worked on:

  • Initial sharpening, levels adjustment, curves adjustment, contrast adjustment, brightness.
  • Stamped those layers, copied the layer blending with overlay.
  • Decided to crop slightly; I love the context of the foliage and a tuft of grass in the foreground.
  • Worked on bringing out the flag and pole a bit by brushing color on them.
  • Saturated color in the windows; dodge tool on parts of the brick - especially the left side of the castle to bring out detail.
  • Desaturated around sheep, then went back and added saturation just on sheep to pop them out. 
  • Brushed on vibrance all over the castle brick.
  • Brushed in and blurred some sky detail.
  • Created more canvas to frame
  • Used Burnt Edge, and Web Resize and Sharpening from mcp actions

Calling the airlines now....


  1. I love this effect especially the brightness contrasted with the lovely warm colour on the bricks.
    Lovely edit.


  2. Very pretty - it looks like a painting.

  3. Love your edit and thanks so much for the recipe....I just downloaded this wonderful picture and can't wait to start working on my edit.

  4. So bright and vivid! Thank you for providing your steps for us, too! :)

  5. Beautiful edit! It makes it feel like a snowy day :).

  6. I love the Castle looks HDR now - you did a great job at the edit. I knew this photo had lots of potential from my little point and shoot camera and I enjoyed reading through your steps.

    1. Your point and shoot takes awesomely clear photos! For Christmas I just received my dslr camera (♥). Until now, I used my Kodak Easy Share point and shoot through years of yearbook and sports events at my kids' schools.

  7. this is lovely! did you add a pointillist effect, or is it the result of the edit? you may have created a new action : )

    1. Just the result of exploring/experimenting during editing. Some of my favorite work is from happy accidents. The next time I re-use what I've done I can then say it was intentional... lol!


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