January 25, 2012

mcp12 Challenge - Birthright Entry

In the previous post, I mentioned I have had two notions busily percolating in my head since the new year began. Building my "clicks and keys" skills is one plan, but the biggest and foremost brainstorm rattling around inside me is taking a great deal of reflection.

My thoughts have turned to Birthright, a pregnancy center showing moms how to love and care for their babies, from expectancy to  baby care afterwards. Whether the moms need pregnancy testing, listening ears, help to finish schooling, advice on how to support a child, know-how for baby care or keeping a checkbook, borrowing maternity or child clothing, Birthright volunteers have taken the time to care. For several years, another group of women worked together, crafting and sewing baby items to sell at craft shows, donating all proceeds to support Birthright; however, the craft fair no longer takes place in town. Now it's time for brainstorming for a new and productive fundraiser.
And that's my resolution for this year:  taking time to care  and  finding a fundraiser solution for Birthright.

Below is my photo, telling the Birthright "story" of  these young moms loving and caring for their precious babies.  A great big hug goes to my friend Leah and her baby Norah for modeling such affection and tenderness between Mom and Baby.

I will praise You for
I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
I know that full well.
Psalm 139

What is in the edit:
The edit process started with it's initial sharpening and crop.  Black and White adjustment layer, adjusting the color levels.  Levels adjustment. Brightness and Contrast adjustment. Masked any areas as needed. Dodged highlights. Gaussian blur and masking. MCP Burnt Edges action.  Expanded canvas and added text. And as always, MCP web sharpening to finish.
Any comments and suggestions are great so I can improve.

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Off to brainstorm...
Leave me any ideas you may have!


  1. Beautiful black and white photo!
    I don't have any ideas for your fundraiser but I wish you luck it is such a great cause!


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