Rabbit Trails

And Occasional Rabbit Trails... 

This is where I get off the path of Clicks posts and Keys entries, letting me pick and collect thoughts that capture my interest; much like getting sidetracked on a walk through the woods because a wildflower waved its head hello.  

(Then in my real world, a rabbit comes along and eats that wildflower - after it consumed the lonely tulip petal which alone survived the mole who devoured most of the bulbs; the squirrels finish gorging themselves on my pumpkins; and my dogs trample the flower bed.  Really, this does happen. However, my sole consolation now is that the recent cat is now chasing the rabbit...)

I'm hoping to to add to this collection some rare and beautiful entries from others who have walked with the Lord and have found Him delightful!  This well-worn path may be narrow and counter-cultural, but it is worth every effort and every sign post to walk it to the very End.  I hear the beauty that awaits there is indescribable and the joy unspeakable. The Lord Himself is magnificent!

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