I love to make music on my piano  KEYS. Well, on anyone's piano keys really; especially if they should have a Steinway, but I won't head down that rabbit trail.  But I must say, it is a delight to take a song and make it into a melody of praise. And for all those who have asked for a recording, this is the closest thing to it!

I love my view as I play...

My piano is a joy to play; it's new to me... a gift from my husband after my previous piano keys literally started crumbling.  I loved that old piano, too. It was lovingly rebuilt by a friend now with the Lord.  It was as old as he... ninety years.

The recordings made were intended for my personal use; nothing mastered nor edited.  I did them soon after receiving this new Yamaha.  So I call the recording "Getting Acquainted" because I was still learning the touch, sound, and dynamics of my new "friend".

Since the opportunity arose to blog, I'll go ahead and occasionally post some of those first recordings, imperfect as they are.  Still is a lot of fun though!

The melodies are not my own, but the arrangements are. Sometimes I ramble far from the melody, enjoying the flow of praise that pours from the words.

To find the songs, use the "TOPICS" (side column to the right) and click on KEYS. The different blog entries will come up that contain music links. You may have to look about each page a bit, but you'll find the music link :>)  I've started adding a "direct play" to the more recent posts - you can't miss those!

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